After Heated Public Outcry, Fresno City Council Votes Down Ordinance To Limit Giving To Panhandlers

The Fresno City Council voted down an ordinance Thursday that would have fined people in their cars attempting to give money or food to those standing at busy intersections. The proposal in question is called the Safe Transfer of Objects to Pedestrians, or STOP, and was authored by Council President Steve Brandau. Frustrations over the city’s attitude towards the homeless drew around a hundred people to the meeting. The council sat through nearly three hours of public comments, most of them against the ordinance. Some accused the council of hating poor people, one person said it was an “attack on humanity,” and another called Councilman Brandau a bully. Brandau, who is leaving the council to join the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, also proposed the city’s camping ban back in 2017. He told the crowd his intention was not against the homeless, but to prevent traffic accidents caused by panhandlers at busy intersections. “The only thing it’s gonna say is you need to pull over and


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